Over the years as Tour Operators we have had many of romances develop, so much that I have often said we should have called the company “The Love Boat”! So here are some of the long-lasting relationships that have happened on our tours. Some on Moreton and some on Fraser Island, some have even turned to loving wedding vows.

Check out each of the girl’s impressions on their boys when they met:

Scott and Yuri (married for 5 years, 1 child)

When I first saw Scott, he caught my eyes whilst hopping on the bus at Rainbow Beach. He was super passionate about his job.

On the day it was a rainy day and he had this ability to cheer everyone up and turn our attitude around as we ventured onto our Fraser Island Tour.

On the first night at Eurong Beach Bar, I was offered a glass of wine by the Bar Attendant saying it was from Scott (who had no idea about this!). The second day he kept dropping short teasing comments over the microphone while we were on the bus, teasing me about hanging out with some blonde guy.

He enticed me into a personal Salsa dance at the Beach bar the following night, I went to dinner wearing a suitable Salsa dress. When I walked into the Buffett Dinner room I caught his eye and he gave me specific body language of approval about my dress. Mind you the salsa dance didn’t happen as they couldn’t find the song. (Later in our relationship I found out that my Salsa abilities and his salsa abilities were quite gapping!) He later invited me to a private Star gazing walk on the beach whilst it was raining. I agreed, it continued to rain but and then miraculously, as I leaned back into him the stars did appear.

Daniel and Izumi (married for 8 ½ years with 2 Children)

“I met Daniel on a Moreton Island Tour, back then he was a tour-guide and we did a camping tour (A Long time ago). It was a special night, Christmas Eve. We all sat around the camp-fire. Lots of the customers went to bed early but for me Christmas Eve is special, I was surprised everyone turned in early.

Throughout the night what stood out to me was his smile, how he encouraged all the customers to have so much fun and his in-depth knowledge of Moreton Island. At the end of the night we talked a lot around

the fire. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying because my English was so poor back then. We also did a beach walk to look at the stars. It turned out to be a special Christmas Eve after all. 

Stephen and Claudia (married for 8 years with 2 Children)

My first impression was that I was annoyed because he rushed us with our lunch (apparently Colombian guests take longer), I seriously thought we had the Terminator as a tour-guide!

Later that night Stephen was singing Karaoke at the Beach Bar:

“Brown eyed Girl”, he looked so cute! After this he approached myself and my cousins and we talked a lot.

After the tour, he contacted me and asked me on a date to which I said ‘No’. As time passed we were talking on the phone one evening, it was one of those hot Queensland nights with so much humidity that I couldn’t sleep. As I shared this over the phone, he brought me over a fan at midnight! I was so captured by his compassion.

What attracted me most to Stephen was that he has this amazing

heart and compassion, you can see it in his eyes. Another point was that I could share my faith with someone that was very important to me.

Trevor and Melanie (been together for 10 years have 2 Children, happily engaged)

I met Trevor on a 3 Day Fraser Island tour. I was studying at University and my girl-friend invited me along with a group of other French students. We connected quite quickly and easily as a group of friends. We all laughed and talked a lot.

I do remember him singing “I’m a Barbie Girl” on the karaoke night at the Eurong Beach Bar and being thrown in the crystal-clear lakes:

Lake Birrabeen and Eli Creek numerous times, which was peculiar to me as it wasn’t exactly that hot.

We all became very good friends on tour and exchanged numbers. After tour we met up again as a group and that’s when my already close connection with Trevor became more intimate.

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