5 Things You Can Do in S.E Queensland, Australia That Will Make Your Trip Special

South East Queensland is undeniably one of the best places for adventure seekers. It’s got amazing beaches facing the Pacific, lush and dense rainforests, and adrenaline-pumping theme parks. All of them are guaranteed to make your trips extra special. So, before you go looking for Airbnb vacation rentals in Brisbane, Australia, here are 5 things you can do to make your SE Queensland trip special.

Have a blast in Theme Parks

For kids and kids at heart, theme parks are one of the most exciting places to visit. Who could resist the fun atmosphere, the explosion of colors, and the many heart-stopping rides? Fortunately, Queensland’s Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are the havens for theme park enthusiasts. Here are some of the best theme parks to visit:


This theme park staple is a combination of education and entertainment. The marine-themed park’s main attractions include animals like carpet sharks, dolphins, and of course, the polar bears. Aside from their animal residents, the park also has some awesome rides such as the Seaworld Monorail, Sea Viper, and Jet Rescue among others.


This is another Brisbane favorite. Dreamworld is a kid’s paradise. This is the biggest theme park in the Gold Coast and all of Australia. It’s got plenty of rides including thrill rides like the Buzzsaw, The Drop, and Sidewinder. The Park also has family-friendly rides too like The Escape From Madagascar and Gingy’s Gliders. Dreamworld is also an active wildlife conservation facility with over 500 animals in their care.

Hit the beaches

No visit to South East Queensland is complete without visiting their spectacular beaches. If you are itching for some sun, sand, and the sea, South East Queensland has got you covered. From popular tourist magnets, surfing hotspots, to hidden gems, there is something for everyone. Here are some beaches to check out.

Mooloolaba Main Beach

Nominated as one of TripAdvisor’s top 10 Australian beaches, Mooloolaba is a must-visit. It’s got amazing clear blue waters, a wide stretch of fine white sand, and an esplanade with lots of trendy cafes. This makes Mooloolaba one of the most accessible and family-friendly beaches in the state. This beach is perfect if you want the perfect beach holiday without being far from modern comforts.

Mon Repos

Mon Repos is a pristine natural wonder. Unlike other popular beaches, this gem is a protected zone as it is home to Australia’s largest nesting sea turtle population. The beach itself is open to the public most of the year except for the nesting season (November-March). There are many family-friendly and historical activities on the beach for guests to check out.

Fun in the water

If you are feeling a bit adventurous and new, there are plenty of awesome activities to try on the waters of SE Queensland, one of which is scuba diving. Here are some awesome dive spots to check out.

Cook Island

This tiny island off of Tweed Coast is the perfect spot to dive and snorkel. It’s just a short 10-minute boat ride from the mainland and has amazing beaches. However, Cook Island’s main attraction is the chance to dive with sea turtles. The spot around the island itself is teeming with corals and other various marine life.

Stradbroke and Moreton

These two neighboring Islands off the Gold Coast just under an hour away from Brisbane via ferry. These are popular day trip destinations each with stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. Some of these dive spots include Tangalooma Wrecks and Flinders Reef at Moreton Island and Flat Rock and Shag Rock at North Stradbroke Island.

Southern Great Barrier Reef

Everybody knows the Great Barrier Reef but there is actually another noteworthy coral reef in Bundaberg. The Southern Great Barrier Reef, like its bigger cousin, is a collection of diverse species of corals and other marine animals that call it home. Bundaberg, the jumpoff to the reef, is a 4-hour drive north from Brisbane.

Enjoy the outdoors

If rainforests and hiking are more your thing, SE Queensland has plenty of trails to choose from. The state’s southeastern part enjoys a subtropical climate where lush rainforests thrive. Here are some amazing trails to check out:

Tamborine National Park

Located near The Gold Coats, Tamborine National Park is a perfect escape from the busy beaches. The lush subtropical rainforest has plenty of trails to take each with its own unique charm. From scenic overlooks, beautiful waterfalls, and the lush greenery, Tamborine National Park is a must-visit.

Main Range National Park

Another great option is the Main Range National Park. It is located west of Brisbane and within its bounds is the tallest peak of the state: Mt Superbus. The Rainforest Circuit is its popular attraction. This 1.6-kilometer path winds through the dense forest with several notable landmarks along the way. The Fassifern Lookout, about 600 meters in, has a stunning view of the valley below and enjoys a drier environment than the rainforest below.

Have a great weekender

If you are looking to spend a great weekend holiday somewhere but don’t want to travel from location to another, then the Sunshine Coast is for you. It’s got everything you can think of from stunning beaches, scenic hikes, and a bustling community. The perfect place to do as much as possible all within a weekend. Here are some of the things you can try

Visit the Australia Zoo

This amazing facility is made famous worldwide because of the beloved Steve Irwin. His enthusiasm and love for the animals have endeared him and the zoo to the world. Today, the zoo is home to over 1000 animals and is run by Steve’s family. The zoo holds many bird and animal show regularly to raise awareness on animal conservation.

Water sports

The Pacific is music to water sport enthusiasts’ ears. The waves are perfect for extreme activities like surfing and kite surfing. Standup paddleboarding is another popular activity and is growing in popularity among locals and tourists alike. In Rainbow Beach, you get to kayak or paddle on calmer waters. And, if you are lucky, you might even get a chance to see dolphins swimming along!

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