Written by Saud Alsabee (2015 Mayor’s International Student Ambassador)
Magnificent, stunning and beautiful are my three words to describe my two day trip to Australia’s largest sand island (Fraser Island) organised by Australian Sunset Safaris.

Mohit (my fellow Ambassador) and I started our 4 wheel drive heading to Rainbow Beach; the golden gateway to some of the most amazing natural attractions to be found anywhere in the world. We enjoyed watching the spectacular view of Fraser Island as we drove along the coast and we even saw a couple of dolphins’ aside the ferry which transported us to Fraser Island.

Eli Creek boardwalk was our next destination on the island. It consists of clear, fresh water flowing into the ocean every hour. The fun fact is that it’s drinkable and a tourist favourite. I was amazed to hear that information from our tour guide; I started to drink and swim like someone who had never seen fresh water before.

We then stopped at the historic Majestic Maheno shipwreck where we took some amazing pictures. Next destination was Indian Head Lookout where we had best view of white sandy desert, the beach, and whales.
Red canyon which contained many different coloured sands was the last destination for the day before we headed to Eurong Resort. Next morning, we walked through the magnificent Tranquil Pile Valley Rainforest. We found humongous tree satinay that is more than 1200 years old. We reached Woongoolba Creek Board which is located at Central Station, the historic heart of Fraser Island. I also got to swim in the beautiful Lake Birrabeen.

Fraser Island is one of my best tourist destinations to visit and I really thank Sunset Safaris and Study Gold Coast for letting me experience one of the most beautiful places on earth.