Well, I say "winter" lightly, as we here in Brisbane start wearing beanies & jackets as soon as the thermostat hits 17 degrees Celsius - "brr, it's cold" will be exclaimed all over the city! However, in all seriousness, it's starting to get a bit too chilly to dream of swimming in crystal clear lakes & icy fresh water streams. But Fraser Island has far more to do than swimming and I've compiled a list of things you can do on the island in the beautiful Queensland winter:

Wildlife Photography

The sky is a pristine blue colour in the winter and forms the perfect backdrop for amazing wildlife photos. Think Dingos, Brahminy Kites & gorgeous White Bellied Sea Eagles. Make sure you take a trip into Lake Allom to get a great picture of the cheeky turtles hiding there


Fraser Island has over 40 walking trails to choose from making it bushwalkers paradise! Most are well within the scope of the casual walker or, if you're a bit more experienced you can plan to do the Fraser Island Great Walk which is one of six world-class walking tracks and takes in a total of 85km and will take 6-8 days to walk. You can find more information about Fraser Island walks here

Pile Valley & Rainforest Walks

Wander through the massive satinay trees in Pile Valley - named so because satinay piles were used to refurbish the Suez Canal & London Docks. We take it for granted, but when you think about it you'll realise how amazing it is that trees over 40 metres tall and 4 metres in girth can grow only in sand. This is a lovely place to just be present with yourself in nature.

Learn the history of Central Station

Fraser Island is more than just sightseeing & 4WD tracks. In 1908, most of Fraser Island became a forestry reserve and there are several interesting (and a fair few disgraceful) stories about this era. It's well worth a look and you can wander through the area and read the erected signage which has a few gems of information. If you really want an insight, I'd recommend joining a guided tour as the guides really know their stuff and can give you lots of interesting and quirky stories about the area. Several operators offer tours, but of course, I recommend ours - check them out here.

Whale Watching

People who don't like boats rejoice *puts hand up* - you can go whale watching without regulatory nausea that comes along with a wavy whale watching vessel. Indian Head on Fraser Island is a premium spot to watch whales, dolphins, sharks and rays passing from August to October each year. Pack up a picnic and your mates and head up the top for amazing views and warming sunshine.

Bird Watching

With one of the largest and most varied bird communities in Australia, Fraser Island is a bird watchers paradise! And even if you find the idea a bit geeky - I'm sure you'll be impressed by the number of cool birds you see without even trying.

So, as you can see there is really no reason to stop exploring our wonderful environment just because winter is peeking through! If You're interested in more information on planning a self-guided trip I would recommend checking out the National Parks Website. If you're keen to get an expert to show you around make sure you check out our Fraser Island Tours.