Julie from Belgium served as a Marketing Intern for Australian Sunset Safaris in 2017. As part of her placement she was sent to Moreton Island to experience all of the tour as a guest would – it’s a tough gig but someone has to do it! Below is her “bucket list”of Moreton Island…


Moreton Island is the world’s third largest sand island and is an absolute must see while you are in Australia – this could be the best experience you might have. Just the nature and scenery are worth the detour but the multitude of sea animals and land animals is just breathtaking. Below are the places I consider “must see” when you travel to Moreton Island.


Amazing Night kayaking

The transparent night kayaking experience was my absolute best experience. You are able to sit on the kayak and admire the sun as it sets over the water before paddling out around 15 sunken shipwrecks. Thanks to the specially fitted LED lights (exclusive to Sunset Safaris Moreton Island Tours) you can see through the water so clearly. I was able to see a manta ray, turtles and crabs. I was so lucky to touch a shell of one turtle who was swimming just next to me. At night the scene is so peaceful – no boats, no noise, just you and your kayak under the stars.


Snorkeling Sunken Shipwrecks

Even though I am not comfortable in the sea, the tour guides encouraged and reassured me and I ended up having an amazing snorkelling experience. This is seriously the coolest artificial reef you’ve ever seen – with 15 sunken shipwrecks to explore and countless fish and corals to see. I got the chance to see a dolphin and an eel swimming just 5 meters off the beach. Sunset Safaris are the safest operators out too and give you all the equipment – and the guide is always within arm’s reach.


Sandboarding at the Moreton Island Desert

Slide down and enjoy the speed!!!!On top of the hill you have such a beautiful view of the desert. There is a technique to sand board and apparently,it can be difficult for some people but, if you lift the board and your elbows just right you will speed down the hill with ease and won’t get any sand in your mouth! It is funny to see people coming back full of sand. At first is scary because of the height. But when you slide down you are literally flying (when you are doing well). The speed is so exciting, you can do backward and even going on the same board as your friend.


Champagne pools at North Point

The Champagne Pools at North Point are truly a beautiful place. The rocks form a break wall for the waves which cascade over you while you are swimming. It is refreshing on a hot day and having the wave coming over at you is very exhilarating.


Harper’s rock

Is it rock or sand? You can barely see the difference at first sight but as you get closer you can see that it is almost a canyon, orange and red sand makes for a spectacular sight. I loved when the tour guide painted on our faces with the red sand and water and told us it would make us look younger – it certainly was like having a mud mask!


Sunset Safaris run awesome 1 & 2 day tours to Moreton Island (departing from Brisbane & Gold Coast) where you can stay in unique dorm accommodation with cool campfires at night time. To book an experience like Julies just head to www.sunsetsafaris.com.au

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