Moreton island choice of tours

Moreton Island is a unique paradise of golden beaches, rolling surf and beautiful fresh water lakes. Join Sunset Safaris as we explore and snorkel the stunning Tangalooma Shipwrecks, and see the shipwrecks in our very unique “Transparent Kayaks.” Experience the exhilaration of sliding down the giant sand dunes of “The Desert” up to 70Km/h. Moreton Island is one of the great ADVENTURE DESTINATIONS in Australia, and with Sunset Safaris you will experience the very best natural attractions this world famous Island has to offer.

Our award nominated Tour Guides are tour professionals, with an intimate knowledge of Moreton Island’s unique attractions. We have become famous in Queensland for our love for fun, and that’s why Sunset Safaris is the “People’s Choice” tour company. Our mission is to make your visit to Moreton Island more than just a beautiful place to go, but an “Experience to Remember.”

Australian Sunset Safaris are the FIRST to pioneer “Transparent Kayaks” in Queensland and around the Tangalooma Shipwrecks. See fish and coral like never before without having to go under the water. Our “NIGHT TIME TRANSPARENT KAYAKING” on our 2-Day Tour is SIMPLY STUNNING. See the underwater world like never before as we navigate the eerie sunken shipwrecks at night with brilliant underwater lights.


Sunset Safaris offers 1 & 2-Day tours to Moreton Island. Our 2-Day tours offer a range of accommodation options to suit your budget and lifestyle, Including Budget Backpackers, comfortable Twin Share Beach House Units, or Luxury Glamping. We are proud to offer the BEST VALUE Moreton Island tours available, as we travel the island in comfort with our unique 4WD air-conditioned buses. We offer all the luxuries normally associated with more expensive ECO Tours, but at a price as competitive as the cheapest in the market.

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Moreton Island 1 day Tour

Our all-inclusive 1-Day Tour to Moreton Island and the Tangalooma Wrecks offers a jam packed itinerary full of fun and wonder. Come and explore as we enjoy Sand Tobogganing, Snorkelling, and our FREE Transparent Kayaking tour worth $50.Sensational…  

Moreton Island 2 day Tour

Our 2-Day Tour of Moreton Island and the Tangalooma Wrecks includes ALL of the activities seen in the 1-Day tour, AND also includes overnight accommodation and exploration of Moreton Island seeing amazing Island views and heart melting scenery. Our optional Transparent NIGHT Kayaking around the Tangalooma Wrecks is a MUST SEE, and will be an experience you will never forget.