Fraser Island at Queensland Australia has been world renowned for its adventure tourism and is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Australia. The adventure tours and Fraser island holiday packages are carefully planned for people are designed for the avid Adventurers and backpackers who want to get outdoors and have fun by experienced tour operators like the Sunset Safaris tour operators.

On a typical 3 day adventure tour of the Fraser Island, you are taken on a 75 kms Beach drive where you also enjoy the beautiful sand landscape as you pass through. On the way to the Fraser Island, tourist is taken to the Cooloola National Park, where they can see wild kangaroos and visit the red canyon. You will also be meeting the famous Dingo dog all over the Fraser Island and Fraser Island boasts to having the purest breed of Dingo in the world .On the trip you will be visiting the double island point where you will can see Turtles, Dolphins, Sharks and Whales.
Tourists on their Fraser Island Adventure Tours will enjoy their trip to the Rain forests which have abundance of huge trees and rain forest vines. The water in the invisible creek situated here is so pure that it becomes invisible to the naked eyes. Beautiful lakes with crystal clear lakes await the tourists to jump in and have a relaxing swim.
During the tour you will be visiting the famous Maheno Shipwreck as well as the Yidney Dripping Rocks and The champagne pools and if there still time at hand you will be taken to visit the Rainbow Gorge. You will be conducted through a Scenic Lakes Drive and will be visiting lakes like Lake Birrabeen.
Tourists while taking the tours must carry with themselves special needs medicines, swimming costume, beach towel, insect repellent, sunscreen, hat, warm/wet weather jacket, torch, walking shoes, camera and battery etc.
You will be accommodated in a resort and your rooms will be upgraded at no extra cost whenever available and your meals will be taken care of by the tour operators, so you enjoy your visit and have a very relaxing time out there. Sunset Safaris uses very comfortable forward facing 4WD buses and mini coached for transport, which makes the travel comfortable and very relaxing.
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