Fraser Island boasts having some of the most amazing scenic beauty in the world, and I have to say that it doesn’t disappoint. Right from the outset I was blown away by the stunning beaches as we traveled up the beach in our big orange 4WD bus. The contrast of colours was utterly spectacular, thanks to golden sandy beaches and turquoise water, set against a backdrop of red, orange, black and yellow sand cliffs.

There are no roads on Fraser Island 4WD tracks and beaches. The wilderness experience is amazing as you get to go deep into the Rainforest Jungle to explore the Islands most unique treasures. Our first stop in the Rainforest was at Pile Valley where we saw some of the tallest trees I have ever seen. The trees reached up into the sky at over 110 feet tall and almost perfectly straight. We took a majestic rainforest walk where on the way we got to see giant Satinay trees so round at the base that it took 9 adults with outstretched arms linking hands to circle the base of the tree. The walk took us down into a steep valley and Woongoolba Creek, also known as the silent Creek. As the crystal clear water runs along the sandy bottom, no sound is made at all. The water is so clear that the only give away that there is water flowing on top of the sand is the occasional leaf floating along with the running water.

The next stop on our Fraser Island tour from Brisbane was at Lake Birrabeen. Never have I seen such bright white sand and crystal clear fresh water. The setting reminded me of my Fiji Islands experience – only set in the middle of rainforest and no ocean in sight. The sand is white as snow, and the water is super clear with a slight tinge of blue in the shallows. On the day we were there we saw a Fraser Island Wedding happening right on the beach of Lake Birrabeen – you couldn’t get a more perfect setting toward the end of our day.

Our Fraser Island Holiday Package with Sunset Safaris included a comfortable stay in a wilderness resort before heading out the next day to explore the beaches. The weather was on our side and so were the Whales, and we saw them breaching out of the water within 50 meters of our bus in the calm ocean surf. We stopped at the majestic Indian Head where we saw more Whales, as well as sharks, turtles and dolphins frolicking in the calm conditions. Indian Head is a large rock headland toward the top of Fraser Island offering elevated views that allow you see many miles out to sea, and incredible views of the sand formations and main beach of Fraser Island.

After Indian head we stopped at a large Shipwreck on the beach which in itself is quite an attraction. The Maheno Shipwreck was blown onto the beach in the 1930’s by a cyclone, and has been a Fraser island Landmark ever since. Just down the beach from the shipwreck is Eli Creek, a large Fresh water Creek flowing out to sea at only waist deep. The crystal Clear water is super refreshing and the creek and surrounding flora are extremely beautiful. With gorgeous palm trees called Pandanus palms overhanging the creek, Eli Creek has given my trusty iphone images I will never forget.

Australian Sunset Safaris do Fraser Island Tours Noosa, and also pick up from Brisbane and Gold Coast.

While you can get to Fraser Island on your own, there is so much to see and do, it is definitely worth going with a professional tour company like the one I went with. Australian Sunset Safaris do Fraser Island Tours Noosa, and also pick up from Brisbane and Gold Coast. While I was tempted to do a Fraser Island 1 Day Tour, I am glad that I went on a Fraser Island 2 Day Eco tour instead, as the Island is way too big to see in just one day. With so much to see and do, I recommend choosing a reputable company for Fraser Island, and Sunset Safaris were definitely fantastic. 10 out of 10…

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