Heritage-listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and one of the biggest natural attractions on the east coast of Australia. Home to a huge number of animal and plant species – including the native dingo – this ecological wonderland has so much to offer to those who make the drive north of Brisbane to land on its shores. Without further ado, here are the top 5 things to do on Fraser Island – why not do them all?

1. Scenic drive along the Fraser Coast

Spend 1 to 3 days driving along the scenic coastline of Fraser Island and make occasional stops to visit some breathtaking sites along the way – such as refreshing Eli Creek, sparkling Lake McKenzie and Lake Birabeen, and the gorgeous Champagne Pools. For the more adventurous, spend a few hours connecting with nature by walking in the pristine Central Station Rainforest. Prepare a picnic beforehand and have lunch along Wanggoolba Creek in the heart of the rainforest, surrounded by singing birds and massive Angiopteris ferns – one of the largest fern species in the world.

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2. Spot some of the last remaining pure dingoes in Australia

Unfortunately, the number of wild dingoes on Fraser Island has been decreasing over the past few decades. Currently a protected species, population estimates of these golden sandy creatures is less than 200. Spend a few hours roaming on Fraser Island in search of these pack animals and spot some in the wild (from a safe distance of course).

3. Photograph the coloured sands of The Pinnacles and the

SS Maheno shipwreck

Get your camera out and spend the day taking some epic shots of the coloured sands of The Pinnacles. Located 18 kilometres south of Indian Head, this natural sculpture of sorts is a photographer’s dream subject. When you’ve got your shots of the sands, head to the rusty SS Maheno shipwreck and capture this eerily isolated ocean liner that was lost to the elements during a severe cyclone in 1935.

4. Visit Kingfisher Bay

Relax with a cocktail or beer in hand as you watch the sun slowly set on the horizon at beautiful Kingfisher Bay. Blanketed with soft, white sand, and surrounded by lush vegetation and turquoise waters on both sides, Kingfisher Bay is one of the main gateways to Fraser Island. Home of the Kingfisher Bay Resort, guests passing through this part of the island can spend their day fishing, swimming, or indulging in a spa treatment. The more active can hire a stand-up paddle board, kayak or Vu board for the day, exploring the calm waters and spotting marine life on their own.

5. Swim at Eurong Beach

Situated on the world famous 75-mile beach, the Eurong Beach Resort is the perfect place to while away a lazy afternoon on Fraser Island. Swim in the refreshing waters just in front of the resort and sunbake on the some of the cleanest sand in Australia.

There really is so much to do on beautiful Fraser Island.