However long or short your trip is, make sure you are planning a trip to the world famous Great Barrier Reefs and Fraser Island. Great Barrier Reefs contain the world's largest living Eco-System and is a must see for each and every tourist visiting Australia. The major city, from where tours are organised to Great Barrier Reefs and Fraser Island is Brisbane , with pick up points through the neighboring cities of Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and  Hervey Bay / Mary borough which . Brisbane is well connected to other metro cities of Australia and is an important International arrival / departure point for International Airways.

It is also imperative that you choose your Tour operator carefully. Experienced tour operators like the Sunset Safari tour operators have been organising trips to the Great Barrier Reefs and Fraser Islands for past many years and their experienced tour guides accompany the tourists on these tours and take care of each and every need, so as to make sure that the visitors enjoy each and every moment during their tours.


You will be carried abroad Glass bottomed Boats, during your trip to the Great Barrier Reefs Tours and can have a wonderful experience of observing the sea life floating below you. Sunset Safaris have come up with a great innovation for tourists, which are Night Kayaking, where in you will travel over the water in transparent kayaks with lights underneath and have an incredible experience of the night time movements of the sea life.
Apart from the regular tour activities like visit to the underwater observatory, trip in the semi-submersible submarine, Coral Cay Island walks, during the tours to the Great Barrier Reef, you will get a chance to opt for adventure activities like Deep Sea Fishing and Scuba diving etc.
A Trip to the Fraser Island , which is the largest sand island in the worlds is also a must see , where you will have choice of tour Moreton Island Tours Packages, depending upon the number of days you have at hand for your trip. You can enjoy the 4wd drive in the exciting Teewah Beach and see the 72 colors of sand along the World Famous Rainbow Beach. The inviting crystal clear waters of Lake Birrabeen, Lake Webby and other lakes wait for you to dive in. The rain forests of Fraser Island is another attraction, through which, you will be conducted through, during your trip. Look out for sea turtles, dolphins and whales when at the Indian Head.
Get in touch with Sunset Safaris, well in advance, so that the tour operators arrange for your stays, well in advance and you too enjoy a hassle free trip of your life time.

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