Written by Tharshika Sarapanavan (2015 Mayor’s International Student Ambassador)
The two day weekend getaway trip to Fraser Island with Lizeth my fellow Ambassador was one of my best trips so far. Sunset Safaris created the tour, organising the bus ride to and from the Island along with an amazing tour guide who recited the history of this island over our 2 day journey.

We visited many of the iconic areas which hold the history of the world’s largest sand island. It is definitely a little piece of heaven on earth and Sunset Safaris did a fantastic job of showing Liz and I around the island. It was indeed very adventurous.

 We visited some of the most spectacular scenery on the island; it was so hard to choose which place I liked best. Was it the beautiful walk through Tranquil Pile Valley rain forest or the crystal clear Eli Creek boardwalk and its freshwater stream? The coloured sands were amazing as were the Yidney Dripping Rocks. Swimming in the copper coloured Lake Birrabeen was an adventure, and we took many, many photos of the majestic Maheno Shipwreck.

The air you breathe is very clean and pure. The sand island has an amazing natural and cultural history. It history dates back all the way to World War-I. I love how the history is preserved to create awareness as well as being an excellent tourist destination.

I was astonished by how the tour guides could retain and regurgitate such vital information to us over the two days magnificent journey. From the moment you leave Queensland mainland and begin your journey to Fraser Island, you will be assured that you are in for something special and full of enthralling surprises.
I highly recommend trying one of Sunset Safaris spectacular tours – they have trips to the Great Barrier Reef and Moreton Island also, but I have to say Fraser Island was the best!